Sunday, 28 October 2012

30 before 30: The list

It's been about a month since my 29th and the big 3-0 is looming in my head.  I don't want to go back to work and feel like I did when I was teaching - that my whole life was just about my job and everything I loved slid by the wayside.

I love lists and achieving things, so when I saw this idea doing the rounds I couldn't resist getting in on the action.  I think it'll keep some focus on the old work-life balance.  I may be being as over-ambitious as ever, but I'll give it my best shot!

1 - Run a half-marathon
2 - Visit a postcard perfect desert island
3 - Learn three more songs on my guitar
4 - Take the sleeper train to Edinburgh
5 - [to be revealed soon, shhhh....]
6 - Go to Secret Garden Party 2013
7 - Brush up on my German
8 - Cycle more often on my shiny new bike
9 - Replant the garden
10 - Take at least one Brazilian JuJitsu class a month
11 - Bake a three-layer cake that actually looks pretty
12 - Finish repainting the house
13 - Clear out my wardrobe of anything I don't love anymore.
14 - Revisit Lille with my Dad
15 - Get a mani-pedi
16 - Start using my Filofax
17 - Get my nose pierced
18 - Make a real home for my records and track down my top three 'must haves'
19 - Get a mini-skateboard and have fun falling off it
20 - Take a horse-riding lesson with my best friend
21 - Get my driving licence
22 - Take 'The Historian' world tour (even in installments)
23 - Finish that short story
24 - See a West End show
25 - Visit the London museums with my mum
26 - Make icecream/sorbet at home
27 - Go to Bath and bathe
28 - Clear my student overdraft
29 - Get a full health MOT
30 - Do yoga everyday for 21 days

If you decide to join the fun, leave a link in the comments.  I'm curious what would be on your wish list!
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