Friday, 7 December 2012

30 before 30: #15 Get a mani pedi

One of those things that's only really a luxury if you've been a student roughly for forever, but I've never been quite able to justify the expense on something I could do alright myself.  While I have had manicures done in the past they were for the application of those horrendous fake nails that afflict every girl from Essex at some point or another.  A far cry from the relaxing and classy treat I promised myself now. 

Cue Bali and my beloved little sister to the rescue.  For the pirce of about 15 pounds I was washed and massaged, moisturised and polished all while reclining on a gorgeous cream sofa in a beautifully decorated spa - natural wooden beams, sparkly light installations, cream everything else.  It was so very lovely I felt like apologising for the state of my travel and running weary appendages. After weeks of slumming it, it's very nice to feel shiny again.  I could most definitely get used to this and I think I shall. 

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