Friday, 26 October 2012

(Belated) Training Thursday: Week 5

I have a sneaking suspicion I've missed a week, but I'm on a train with no wifi, so I can't check.  It's been a little easier this week.  I'm still not convinced this isn't a total pipe dream, but I am definitely sure that if I finish it will be slowly and far below my previous PB. It's so unbearably hot and humid. I've never been so hot my legs are sweaty before. Normally I'm trying to keep them warm enough to avoid straining something!

This is certainly an exercise in planning and mental determination.  Most times I feel I deserve a medal just for getting out the door.  Actually this might not be a terrible thing for 'Katy the Perfectionist' to learn.

Friday - 9 mile long run, approx 11 min/mile, but at least I finished
Saturday - rest
Sunday - more rest
Monday - 3 mile time trial, approx 10:30/mile. Dropped 2 mins since I started re-training :)
Tues - 2 hour hilly hike to see Byron Bay's lighthouse
Wed - 3.5 mile 2 min intervals
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