Friday, 9 November 2012

Training Thursday: Half marathon: Week 8

New Zealand, aside from being unbelievably beautiful, is also much, much cooler than Northern Australia and full of walking tracks of varying lengths ideal for running on.  All in all this is much more conducive to training than the previous few weeks have been.

I'm a bit nervous I'm far behind training wise with all the day long travels of this week, and that might very well be true if I were aiming for a PB, but my long run this week convinced me that, provided I'm happy to trot round the course at a 12 minute mile, I will make it.  That sounds like an okay goal for a first time on a tough course.  The Speight's West Coaster is billed as a walk/run so I don't have to worry about being the very last on the course at least!

As for that long run: 10 miles on the beach = ouch.  It was tough and I barely shuffled the last mile, but hopefully it's made me stronger and certainly gave me a chance to test the balance in that ankle I injured not long ago.  

Anyway... Onwards! 

Fri - 17hrs on the train
Sat - 4 miles w/ 15 min tempo
Sat - 15hrs on the train
Sun - flight to NZ and blinding migraine
Mon - migraine
Tues - 10 mile beach run
Wed - rest
Thurs - 4 mile RnR easy pace
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