Thursday, 4 October 2012

Training Thursday: Half marathon week 3

Cheesy as it is, Competitive Kate needed that quote this week.  For this is the week where being on the road gets in the way of everything for multiple reasons.  Firstly, the East Bay heatwave, plus my long run equals near death from heatstroke.  Seriously, 7 miles uphill in 33 C was nearly the end of me.  Unlike other places in the world, here you really can run uphill all the way. I don't understand either.

Second, in Oakland there really are places you should not go, so finding 7 safe miles was a challenge and running in the daylight only added to the heat issue.

I'm hoping once I get somewhere with some flat ground this will start feeling easier.  I think my goal for this race will be to finish and not worry about my pace, because this week it feels harder than ever to focus.

In other news, I've scaled back the lower body circuit work as I've upped the mileage.  My poor legs are just too tired for lunges. Grump, grump, grump...

Fri - 4 mile w/ 10 min tempo session
Sat - Upper body circuit
Sun - 7 mile steady pace
Mon - rest
Tues - missed 3 mile RnR run
Wed - 4 mile RnR run, upper body circuit
Thurs - catch up on Tues' run, yoga (pre flight chill out)

What do you rely on when it feels like the world is conspiring against your training?
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