Monday, 8 October 2012

Music Glue: 'On The Road' Travelling Mixtape

Trembling Hands - Explosions In The Sky
I Built Myself A Metal Bird - A Silver Mt Zion
No Cars Go - Arcade Fire
Mountains - Biffy Clyro
If You Run - The Boxer Rebellion
One Fast Move Or I'm Gone - Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard
Dead City - The Twilight Sad
Eyes Open - Taylor Swift
Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit
Crystal - Stevie Nicks
Getaway - Jonquil

Open the mix in Spotify. Then hit the road, Bilbo style. On and on.

"This music is the glue of the world Mark. It's what holds it all together. Without this, life would be meaningless."
Eddie, 'Empire Records'
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