Friday, 2 November 2012

Training Thursday: Half marathon week 6

Spanner in the works. The race I was intending to enter is at the wrong end of New Zealand.  Now this wouldn't have been a problem, except that (long and boring story) our flights out of NZ are a day sooner than we thought so we can't get back in time.  There is another race, the Speight's West Coaster, but it's perhaps the hardest course I've ever looked at.  As in the times for this race at every level are roughly double that of a normal course.  I know I haven't trained enough to do well at anything other than straight and flat, but I think I might just do it anyway.  Even if it takes me 5 hours to finish and I can't run every hill, at least I'll have done it.

I'm conflicted, but I don't want to leave this hanging and I don't want to flake out.

Do I do this tres hard race and do it 'badly' or find a race more fitting to my abilities for when I get home?

Thurs - supposed to be 6 miles that became 5 due to shin splints
Fri - rest (travelling day)
Sat - 30 min swim
Sun - rest
Mon - 3 mile (supposed to be 4 but resting shins) interval run, treadmill
Tues - swim
Wed - 4.5 mile at (ideal world) race pace, 10 min/mile

*no long run this week due to shin issues.                       
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