Thursday, 11 October 2012

Training Thursday: Week 4

In which I lose an entire day from my existence, become horribly jetlagged and slack in the extreme.

I left the US this week and took the long, long flight to Melbourne.  Due to the number of timelines crossed, somehow I got on the plane Friday night and 18 hours later got off Sunday morning.  My Saturday was stolen! Which meant one day less for training coupled with a blindingly awful migraine on Monday and Tuesday, meaning two further days less for training. And zero cross training except when I excitedly made use of San Francisco Airport's Yoga Room (I know!) Eugh.

I did manage my long, longest to date this cycle, run.  I felt ok, because I went super slow, but for the first time in a while I was booorrred.  Need to get a better audiobook.  Anyway, let the catch up begin...

Fri - 4 mile, RnR
Sat - I did not exist!
Sun - jetlagged to hell and hiding in my hotel room
Mon - migraine
Tues - migraine hangover
Wed - 8 mile long run, 11 min mile pace
Thurs - 4.5 mile, 2 min intervals for middle 2.5 miles

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