Sunday, 21 October 2012

Timesuck Sunday: American politics will doom us all

In which lots of things that are extremely freaking obvious have to be pointed out over and again.  A Kentucky woman I met on the ferry to Manly Beach asked me why I cared what happened in their political sphere, because it doesn't affect me.  But that's wrong, it does affect us in the English speaking world, because their attitudes and opinions carry. Maybe they shouldn't, but they do.  So we best stay on top of the crazy lest it infect us while we're not looking:

The HPV vaccine does not make girls more promiscuous. Nobody's surprised.

State education is important if we want to improve things for the next generation. Nobody's surprised.

Another Republican says something stupid, offensive and completely effing wrong about abortion. Nobody's surprised.

Esquire show how Mitt Romney is an entitled, privileged asshole. Nobody's surprised.

Obama is funny and clever.  Nobody's surprised. I am, however, extremely surprised that this doesn't fly with far more American voters.

And in case you don't believe me, the New Yorker thinks so to: Is America crazy?
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