Thursday, 27 September 2012

Training Thursday: Half Marathon week 2

Ow.  And maybe, groan, too.  I'd forgotten the fact your legs ache all the time when you train six days a week. And has anyone ever mentioned it's a bit hilly in the Bay Area? Finally gotten back to the place where every run doesn't feel like utter hell, but my pace is sloooowww (10-12min/mile) still.  Speed is next week's challenge.

This plan has one less run, but two more cross training sessions than the last one I followed.  It's a bit of a relief, because four runs a week is a challenge timewise, since I can't run after dark in Oakland.  Way too high a chance of rape, pillage and/or murder.  Not even kidding.

Fri - 3 mile tempo run (these universally suck)
Sat- Rest
Sun - Circuit training / 5.5 mile long run
Mon - Circuit / 3.5 mile 1 min intervals
Tues - Yoga
Wed - Circuit

Any tips for improving pace? Or soothing aching legs?

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