Sunday, 23 September 2012

Timesuck Sunday: Skaters, skinny oats and social inequality

Now I've hit the West Coast I am in love with every skater I see.  They are cool and beautiful and happy in their own skin.  Thanks to Ed Templeton's sexy photography you can admire them from wherever you are in the world.

Speaking of California, running here is giving my ego a battering. Everyone's so fit and tanned! So I'm taking this to heart. Even though I'm no longer overweight, I think this little voice lurks inside everyone who hasn't always been athletic: 'Hey, FatGirl'

Totally late on the internet bandwagon, but I've finally fallen for overnight oats in a jar. Some of the recipes around come out pretty high in calories, but Gina at Skinnytaste is to the rescue (again): Skinny Overnight Oats In A Jar

It's no secret how much I love alt-J. Their new video Is showing over on thefourohfive. Sexy beats with a sexy matador.

Being in the US during the Presidential race is somewhere between exciting and terrifying. People seem to have a lot of conviction, but without  anything to back it up.  The rich/poor divide is pretty stark too.  I've seen both more extreme wealth and far more drastic poverty in these American cities than ever on the streets of London. Perhaps policy makers should listen to this: TED: How Social Inequality Harms Societies

And read this: Rising Poverty and Social Inequality in America.

And in case you aren't outraged enough, here's a heartfelt article on behalf of 'the other 1%' about how being poor affects people.

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