Sunday, 30 September 2012

Timesuck Sunday: Recommended reading for feminist boys

Researching my post on street harassment I dug up a lot of anger-inducing, but informative pieces on a variety of 'women's issues that are really men's problems' (new fav phrase).

Consider your consciences' raised:

Just wanting to read your book is apparently not acceptable on public transport if a man wants to chat.

The situation is so depressingly messed up, because harassment is so commonplace that women who don't experience it feel like they aren't even considered women.

A handy debunking of the common bullshit arguments surrounding legal consent.

An analysis of two empirical studies showing acquaintance rape is the biggest problem and that large numbers of such rapes are committed by repeat offenders. Why 'bros before hos' is a dangerous attitude to have.

Why we need to stop concern trolling victims and focus our attention on the people at fault. Hint: Not the victims.

Recommended reading for boys:

What we should teach all young men about sex and consent and generally being the kind of guy girls want to sleep with, as they head off to university

How to and what to bear in mind when approaching an unknown woman in public.

Street harassment from a decent man's perspective, plus a pledge to do something about it.

An incredibly comprehensive and easily comprehensible Rape Culture 101.

Just to cheer us all up:

homeless men rescue a 15 year old girl from a terrifying sexual offender.

'If you feel attacked by feminism, it's probably a counter-attack' Mixes For Friends' excellent downloadable mixtape.
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