Friday, 7 September 2012

Music glue: The Bronze Medal

"I won't see home till Spring..."

God I love these boys and their beautiful music.  Plus I am having a teeny homesick, or rather people-sick, or rather one particular, special, love-of-my-life person-sick moment and this captures it better than I can.

The lyrics read like poetry:

It’s in my belly it’s in my bones
It’s not my corner, not my cove
But with fain, you calm, you wove
It’s in my belly it’s in my bones
Though, I won’t see home till spring
I found my footing, I caw, I’ve sewn
Was sapped all sullen, won’t let love grow
Though with pace you sore, you rose
Alar our branches, unbend our bows
Nor find faucet, nor to flee
And I can hardly hold my seem shut to the sound of lurid sea
Comfort in the furrows, warn into the soil, thawing under autumn trees
Came loose from doubts recurring culls
With fern and copper woven groves, all remove and bare to load
And I held you nude in our rapt fold
Just to sleep with home to hold
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