Monday, 6 August 2012

(Almost) Round The World travel: Javea, Spain

Okay, so this isn't quite the start of 'the big one', but since I'm only returning home now to unpack, repack and clink mojitoes with my nearest and dearest, I'm considering this a warm-up. Also, it's extraordinarily beautiful here and I want to wax lyrical about it.

Where I am
Javea is, when not swelled by summer visitors, a smallish Mediterranean coastal town in the Southeast of Spain. On a clear day you can spot Ibiza from the shore, but thankfully neither see nor hear the 'ultra-cool' people who go there... It's well known in tourism land as the place with the most recorded hours of sunshine in the whole of Spain. It owes this badge of honour to the 750m 'elephant' mountain, Montgo, which does indeed look like a giant heffalump when viewed from this side.

Where I'm staying
At the lovely G's family villa. They're a private bunch so I won't share too much. Suffice as to say this house is so gorgeous I can't help but make quips to myself about dating my love "from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley." (I'm jesting every bit as much as Elizabeth Bennet, in case you were worried.)

What I'm reading
'Midnight's Children' - Salman Rushdie
'Brideshead Revisited' - Evelyn Waugh
'The Line Of Beauty' - Alan Hollinghurst

I like to read classics and Literature with a capital 'L' while I'm sunning myself. I feel like it gives you the mental time and space to appreciate them better than when, par example, commuting.

What I'm imbibing
Desperados. Total guilty pleasure of sweet syntheticness. Mojitos and G+Ts. Making full use of the fridge's ice machine! On a Spanish speaking world tangent I'm all about the Mexican food and to stay bikini worthy I've been liberally utilising the brilliant Skinny Taste blog.  The chicken enchiladas taste, as my friend put it, how enchiladas taste in your food fantasies.

What I'm listening to
Alt-J - 'An Awesome Wave'

A lovely quartet of Cambridge lads playing folk/alt/rock/jazz/dub-inspired tunes that sound much more eloquent than that description. Perfect for lazing in a heat haze.

What Katy did
Ordinarily there would be something active here, but the above pretty much sums up my week. Perhaps it's that this house is roughly 8 times the size of ours back home, or that with a pool, mountain views and my boy I don't really need alot else, but the inclination to do more is registering zero. So with that in mind, my sunlounger's calling me...
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