Saturday, 21 July 2012

"This music is the glue of the world...

...It's what holds it all together. Without this, life would be meaningless." Eddie, 'Empire Records' 

A big part of learning to love my life again was music, specifically new music, at least new to me.  Before I'd always deferred to my brother, or cooler friends when it came to discovering new things.  Now I've learned to trust my own ears.  There's a longer story for another day, but for now this will be a weekly post of the most interesting/exciting/beautiful thing to hit my ear drums in the preceding seven days.

This week it's Brother and Bones, a big, bluesy rawk 5-piece that blasted my hangover into submission at twothousandtreesfestival last weekend.  2000 Trees is a festival by music lovers, for music lovers and I always find several of what will become my favourite bands there every year, so it's high praise indeed to state that these guys came out top of my discovery list.  They had two drummers. Two drummers! Love.  Plus look at them; definitely not a hardship is it?

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